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Administrative Page

Log in, then use the links in the menu bar above to perform these functions

Manage Users

To add a user, click on Manage Users in the menu bar above. On the User Management screen, click Add New User. Enter the new user's name and assign a password.

Choose a user type:

  • All users are General Users by default and can access all published procedures.
  • Check the SOP Manager box if user is authorized to approve procedures.
  • Check the Admin box if user is authorized to manage users and devices for the entire organization.

Manage Devices

Users register their own device from their phone, tablet or computer when they log in for the first time on that device.

Once a device is registered you will see it on the list of devices when you click Manage Devices in the top menu.

To remove a device, click the “Mark for Deletion” box next to the device(s) you want to remove and the click DELETE DEVICES.

Manage Subscription

Click Manage Subscription in the top menu bar to check how many days are left in your subscription, or to purchase a subscription after your free trial.

Install Smart SOP

Click Download in the top menu bar for links to the Apple and Google Play App Stores and downloads for installation on laptops and desktops.

Go to your mobile device or desktop app to view, create and manage SOPs on the Smart SOP app.

This page is only for administration of users, devices and your subscription. SOPs can only be viewed, created and managed on the installed app. Click Downloads in the menu above for app store links and desktop installations.

Click here to Download the
Smart SOP User Guide
Troubleshooting Help

I forgot my password, how can I reset it?

First try to log in by clicking Log In on the menu bar at the top of this page, then click the Forgot Password? link.

Why don't I see my SOPs here on the website?

This website is used only for administrative functions like managing the subscription, users and devices. Install and open the app on your mobile device, laptop or desktop to view, edit and manage SOPs.

Why can't I log in to the app?

Before you use the app for the first time, one of your organization's Administrators must set up your user name and password by going to smartsop.dkfsolutions.com, logging in, and clicking on Manage Users. If you have already been registered as a user but you have forgotten your password go to smartsop.dkfsolutions.com/Account/Login and click “Forgot Password?”

Why can't I register my device?

Your subscription is for a limited number of devices. If you are not able to register your device it may be that your organization has reached the limit. A user with Administrative permissions should log in at smartsop.dkfsolutions.com and either increase the subscription level or click Manage Devices and delete one or more devices.

Who can access my Draft Procedures?

Drafts are saved on the device, so anyone who logs on with that device will be able to access the draft. If you log in on a different device, you will not be able to see that draft.

I created a draft SOP on my phone, but when I log in on my laptop it isn't there. Where did it go?

All draft SOPs are stored on the device they were created on. They are not connected to your log in. So if you log in on a device you will see any drafts created on that device, no matter who created them. No matter where you log in you will only see the drafts you created on the device you created on them.

Why can't I delete or move all of the LOTO steps?

There are eight basic lockout steps and five basic lockout removal steps. These steps cannot be deleted or reordered because they are required for any LOTO procedure. One or more additional steps can be added before or after any of the required steps. If you want to add a step before the first step you will need to add it after the first step and then move it up after it has been added.

Why can't I open a procedure that I can see in the Needs Approval tab?

Only SOP Managers are able to view procedures in the Needs Approval tab. If you need access to these procedures, an Administrator must log in at smartsop.dkfsolutions.com, click on Manage Users, and click the SOP Manager permissions box next to your email address.

Can I retrieve a deleted procedure or deleted folder?


Can I use Smart SOP offline?

No, you must have a cellular, wired, or wireless Internet connection to use Smart SOP. If you have a procedure open when you go offline you will still be able to view that procedure, but you will not be able to go to any other screens. If you leave that screen you will not be able to go back to the procedure until you are online again.

Why can't I open the QR Code I downloaded?

In some cases your operating system will download the QR Code file, but will not add the extension. The extension is the group of letters after a period in a file name, indicating the format of the file such as .doc, .xls or .jpg. The correct file extension for the QR Code files is .png, so if the file you downloaded does not have that extension, simply rename it. For example, rename Compressor_Code as Compressor_Code.png.

Why are my photos rotated?

Depending on the camera used and the data in the file, the original orientation of the photo isn't always maintained. Some devices save photos in a format that has metadata that can cause problems.

  • For in-app viewing: We included user orientation controls in the app when viewing a photo so they can be rotated correctly, however this does not permanently save the photo in the new orientation.

  • For PDF output: The rotation problem does not occur in .png files, so the workaround is to save your photos as .png files which you can do in any photo editing program (e.g., Mac Preview and Paint 3D in Windows which both come pre-installed).

I added photos to my draft, but they disappeared when I published the SOP?

  • Possible Reason 1: Photo/Video File was moved.
    This is an issue that desktop users may encounter. Photos are not attached to a procedure until it is published. For this reason, you must keep photos in the file folder they were stored in when added to the SOP until the draft procedure is published.

  • Possible Reason 2: Photos/Videos are still uploading.
    When an SOP is published it is uploaded to the cloud so that other users in the organization can access it. How long this takes depends on the size of the photo/video and the speed of your internet connection. Particularly when working via cellular data or on a slow WiFi connection, photos may take a while to upload.